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Ling LI, director of Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission visited and inspected Barty Medical
Apr 09, 2017



On the morning of April 18th, Ling LI, director of Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission together with her entourages visited and inspected Barty, accompanied by Yongfang WANG, vice director of economic development zone and Chief constable Junmin LI.

Director Ling LI conducted in-depth exchange with Yuqiang YAN and gave greatly affirmation to Barty’s products and team after listening to the company comprehensive introduction by Barty general manager. Combined with domestic and foreign market, she encouraged Barty to speed its development process and import high-end talent to exceed foreign brands.

Director Li felt a big asymmetry between government and enterprise on information after she knew the company's current development. She said she would give more support to biopharmaceutical industry in the following Hangzhou industry policy and would pay attention to Barty’s development.